Jan 2022 – American Dirt by Jeanine Crummins

It’s been CHILLY in the South lately!!! We’ve even had a blizzard (well….. maybe a l/2 inch of snow-ish type covering — but still!). Thanks for hosting Diane!!!!

We had a good turnout – thanks for everyone who continues to add so much to our book club! Great discussion on a very complicated topic. I personally (Kimy) learned so much that I did not know before! As in ‘The Beast’ – the freight train going through Mexico that is very dangerous but the only way for many to escape the cartel. Oh the cartel!!! Such violence and rage! Horrible people. You can find so much on Youtube about this. This book was quite controversial because it was written by a non-immigrant (my thoughts are ….so?) An Oprah Book Club choice. Highly recommend.

Author bio click HERE

Book Club discussion questions click HERE

For a video of THE BEAST – freight train

You can also find very graphic videos on youtube re: cartel killings — it’s violent and enraging! This is a recent US family killed in mexico by the cartel HERE

Even in Birmingham, and Alabama – the cartel has reached it’s crooked fingers and spread.

Our next book is delightful! A Paris Bookseller – can’t want to discuss!

Cheers! To Books!

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