Oct 2021 – The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Thanks as always for hosting sweet Terry! We had a small intimate group this October for our meeting. Sometimes that’s just the BEST conversations EVER. Happy Halloween Ya’ll!

Remember the movie Sliding Doors? With Gwyneth Paltrow? This book by author Matt Haig delves into the ‘what if’s. The regrets of a path not taken – the path to death and the path to life.

For author bio click HERE For book summary click HERE (spoiler alerts!)

My my my. The ‘what if’s’ of life. WHAT IF I had become an attorney. WHAT IF I had moved to New Orleans. WHAT IF I had stayed married to (the one who shall not be named). What If I HAD one more child. WHAT IF I had no children? WHAT IF I had moved to the coast of England landing in a small village and owned a book shop ….. oh the list goes on and on on.

Author Matt Haig had a nervous breakdown at a young age – which defined this book of what ifs. We all explored our regrets (which I do NOT want to get to the end of my life look back and think OH I WISHED I HAD ……. (insert scenerio here). I personally am REALLY big on no regrets. Take the trip. Eat the cupcake (except I’m keto now….so there’s that small hiccup). Fall in love, fall out of love leave the asshole life is too short sort of thing.

The Midnight Library makes your conversations of life and the paths that ‘could have been’ a wonderful rollercoaster of conversations. We surely had tongues wagging this night in Birmingham!!!!

GREAT meeting. What goes on in book club STAYS in book club! BOOM! :::::high five::::::::

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