Sept 2021 – The Year of the Storm by John Mantooth

We’ve read many books by John Mantooth under his alias ‘Hank Early’. Just look under the Authors section of our blog and you’ll find him. John is a favorite for us. He’s a Birmingham author, an educator, husband to a lovely wife and father of two. We really enjoy having him join us.

This book for me was something I could literally NOT PUT DOWN until it was finished! I was at the beach the month earlier and read it in two days. Non stop. It’s a true southern gothic tale. Set in the depths of small town back woods Alabama. I think we all found it intriguing. Some of it IS a tough read but worth it in my humble opinion. Many twists and turns.

We sat down with author and his lovely wife Becky in Steve’s AMAZING home in Birmingham. Thank you Steve!

We asked many questions about John’s writing process, his publishing ups and downs and where in the world do you come up with these story lines? Why do you write under an alias? Wait until you read one of his earlier collections called The Shoebox Trainwreck. Yowza. Many of you will notice there’s a bonus novella in the back of Year of the Storm which explains much as a back story of the town. Broken Branch.

Thank you again John (and Becky) for joining us! Can’t wait until next year to catch up next year and see what you’ve created!

Great meeting!

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