July 2021 – The Summer House by Lauren K Denton

We’ve had the pleasure of discovering Lauren’s work years ago! She’s been a favorite ever since! Lauren has been gracious to appear for our meetings when her schedule allows. I cannot wait to read her next book The One You’re With next year! The Summer House is completely delightful. All of her novels are so incredibly comforting. It’s as if I’m on the sideline in the book watching everything unfold. I get attached to each character waiting for the story to go where Lauren leads us.

Lauren lives in Birmingham which is wonderful for us! Originally from Mobile, Al. For Lauren’s bio click HERE. The first book we read from Lauren was The Hideaway. Still my VERY favorite. I didn’t want it to end!

We sat down with Lauren in Ginger’s lovely home in Highland Ave Historic District- Birmingham. Thanks for always being open to host Ginger! We discussed how Lauren comes up with her novels and how her life and family and travels play a role in them. Very insightful to see how authors create and the path it leads. Where she writes, where she finds the TIME to write (2 young children) and a busy schedule!

Great meeting with many in attendance! Love our Birmingham group! We are SOOOOO lucky to have Steve as a member as well as our gals!

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