May 2021 – Of Women and Salt

Our first meeting in over a year! Holy Snap! Post Covid! To say I’ve missed these people is a complete understatement! So very happy to see everyone is beyond words. I’ve seen a few of this group with dinners, etc prior to tonight’s meeting, but many have online been online. Let’s get this started everyone! We are soooo happy to have Steve with us! We are smitten! Thanks for sharing him with us Diane!! Mooowah!

Our May selection is Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia.

Author bio is HERE

We begin our meetings at around 6:30 at the end of every month. We had a good group turnout – most read the book for the evening which of course makes it so much more enjoyable – because we are a book club -so – it’s not all about the libations! Ok well it is a wee bit ::::giggling:::::::::. At 7pm ish we gather nibbles libations and find a spot to nest during our discussion. Author bio first then into the discussion!

We all enjoyed the book! We had different views on what events meant (i.e. the panther at the neighbors house), what ‘salt’ means etc. Which is why book club is so much fun! Discussions lead to so many different off the beaten path discussions. AS IN….. the movie CAT PEOPLE! Remember that movie? 1982 I think. Good one Ginger! We talked about Cuba…. about people who risk their lives to cross countries and borders for a better life for them and their children. If you take the politics out of so many things and bring the human factor in – it changes the way you look at things – my two cents!

It was so amazing to see everyone after a year plus of pandemic hell! Holy snap!

Look forward to seeing you all for next month! Toodles for now!

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