March 2020 – The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans

Photo Mar 31, 10 52 37 AM** We are in the middle of Covid 19 – with rules to Shelter In Place — which sucks beans!! At least we have ZOOM   – ** 

Missed everyone who could not attend!  We had a trio – myself, Ginger & Julie.  Julie just got a new puppy which we were very excited to see!  Can’t wait to hold that new pup!! Ginger is nested in place with her hubby missing their new grandbaby! She’s adorbs!  I was SOOO happy to see everyone! Being an extrovert is painful in this shelter in place Covid 19 world at the moment.  It will pass soon I am very hopeful.

Our March book is also a movie – The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans.

What a life!! I had no idea who Robert Evans was but knew all the movies he produced.  I found his obituary was quite interesting. Click HERE to read. 

For video of his life click HERE 

His lovely home Woodland is featured HERE 

Great seeing everyone and catching up via ZOOM.  Hopefully by end of April or May we will be done with this ‘shelter in place’ event.  Love to you all!

We chatted and caught up in our wee worlds.   It was nice to see how everyone is doing. After Julie left our Zoom meeting Ginger and I talked ‘wedding plans’ for my daughters in September.  We talked grandbabies and news around the hood.  What goes on in book club stays in book club!!!

Mooowah! Love you all missed those who could not attend.  See you next month on Zoom or best in person.

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