Nov 2019 – The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson

Photo Nov 20, 6 49 21 PMOh what FUN!!!!  What goes on in book club stays in book club – in the words of Madea ‘Oh Lort’! :::::::laughing:::::::

As always, a few of us try to get together ‘pre book club’ for cocktails for catch up and such.  This landed at Terry’s house with myself and Elise.   Oh the giggles!

We meandered to Julia’s lovely home just a 2 minute drive from Terry’s house.   I parked around the corner with a wee bit of a walk so that I don’t have to parrallel park! However Scarlette found a parking place right in front as we were coming around the corner!  Walking is good for you.  So.

Thank you for hosting Julia! What a fun evening!  We all completely enjoyed this book.  Bill Bryson is non-fiction writer who spins a lovely story of growing up in the mid-west.  We spoke of our own childhoods of being so free especially during the summers.  Our kids didn’t have that freedom!  I knew EXACTLY where my kids were at all times!  Which is kind of sad but I couldn’t imagine having it any other way.  You?

For author bio click HERE 

For video of Bill Bryson discussing our book click HERE 

Book Club Questions click HERE 

Enjoyed it ladies!!! See you next month with the year end White Elephant Gift swap! Super fun!

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