Oct 2019 – The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn

IMG_2435*Make sure you follow our book blog so that you don’t miss our meetings! Boo! 

Well.  I can say from everyone in the club that we comletely thoroughly and without a DOUBT loved this book!!! So many twists and turns it was riveting!!! The author unfortunately is a complete wackadoodle. Yes that’s a word.  It means complete chaotic wack.   I’ll leave that RIGHT THERE good grief!  A bit more…. I’ll add narcisitic… liar…. fibber… hey your nose is growing freak!  Ok…. ::::::smoothing my skirt and smiling:::::::

For author bio click HERE 

oh and HERE 

Here’s a video interview for your viewing pleasure (I will state he is handsome but wackadoodle trumps the cute) HERE 

The book rocked.  Author… not so much.  I’ll leave that up to YOU to decide.

Terry and I had a prebookclub cocktail then headed over across the street to the meeting!  Sally the chocolate lab kept us company.  We were all so very happy to see our love bug Deborah – miss you my dear.  Great to see everyone!

Thanks to Scarlette, Jeff and the most infamous Great Dane Teka for hosting.  Love ya’ll mean it!!! :::::moooowah!::::::

See you next month fellow readers!


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