May 2019 – Grace & Grit – The Lilly Ledbetter Story – by author Lanier Isom

Photo May 21, 6 46 03 PMWonderful evening ladies! Thanks for hosting as always Leslie.

I don’t know about you…… but when the day of book club arrives pending on what my schedule is for the day….. I find myself about an hour before meeting time I am sitting down…. and reflecting on the book at hand.  I may pour a small glass of limencello to sip as I have my scotties jumping all around.  I get excited about book club. It really means something to me.  I look forward to the discussion, the camaraderie of the women, seeing what they to say about the subject at hand and where that leads to in discussion.  You never ever know what ‘path’ a discussion will lead to.  Which is the amazing journey of book club.  Truly.  Book club really is part literary, part social and part therapy.  If you are NOT part of a book club, start one!  It will change your life.

A warm welcome was given to Birmingham’s very own Lanier Isom in her first book Grace & Grit – My Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness at Goodyear and Beyond… the Lilly Ledbetter Story.  For a wonderful and insightful video from Lilly Ledbetter and imperative thoughtful information click HERE 

We sat down with Lanier Isom on a warm clear night in Birmingham (it’s already HOT AND SWEATY in the SOUTH) to discuss a subject near and dear to every woman’s heart – equal pay and fairness in the workplace.   Ms. Ledbetter who is in her 80s now and lives in Jacksonville AL (close to Anniston Al) paved the way for all of us.  Thank you Ms. Ledbetter!

Please forgive the fact that the video of our meeting for the evening will be in 4 parts.  I forgot to put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ thus if a call came through ‘boom’ it stopped recording. ::::rolling my eyes shaking my head:::::: Sorry.   Our entire meeting is about an hour long – thus the length of the videos is broken up into 4 parts.  Well worth the watch!

Videos of the meeting click below :

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4 

A monumental struggle by Lilly Ledbetter born in Possum  Trot Alabama (I have no idea where this is but I’m going to find it).– all the way to the supreme court!!!   I would like to note — Ms. Ledbetter NEVER received back pay for what she SHOULD have been making — unreal! Shame on you Goodyear…SHAMEFUL!

From the entire female population – thank you for NOT GIVING UP Ms. Lilly Ledbetter!  Thank you Lanier again for joining us.   We all enjoyed reading the plight of Ms. Ledbetter.

I would also like to personally thank Anna-dog for making a very special appearance and eating cheese niblets (don’t tell Leslie).

We miss our dear friend Debbie White — who we all love and miss horribly.  ::::sending love to Debbie::::::

**Make sure you follow our website so that you don’t miss a book club read!

*side note!  After our meeting I hooked up with dear friend and book club member Elise who could not join us (she had family conflict). We met at new restaurant Automatic Seafood in Lake View district.  VERY delish. I HIGHLY recommend.  HIGHLY.

Carry on.  ::::giggling::::::


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