April 2019 – Breaking & Holding by Judy Fogarty

Photo Apr 25, 6 09 30 PM*Make sure you follow our book blog so that you don’t miss a meeting! *

Pre-book club cocktails were a must – Terry and I headed over to Whistling Table for my new favorite cocktail called A Smoking Gun – it has a wisp of  smoke that swirls around.  Love it!

April we meandered over to Liberty Park at new book club member Marcia Perry’s place!  Come to find out many have nested there at some point in their lives! Transitions! Thanks for hosting Marcia!

Our April book was Breaking and Holding by Judy Fogarty.  A first novel for this Savannah based author.  Click HERE for author bio.

After grabbing nibbles and pouring vino we settled down to discuss!  Many felt the book was pretty fluffy and a beach read (seems to be consensus among the book clubs).  However we did gain some insight reliving the 70s and 80s through tennis!  Those were fabulous years!  Remember John Mcenroe’s temper tantrums and BJorn Borgs loveliness (yes…. he was a lovely male eye candy I tell you!).

The book also threaded some 2nd tier feminism to those of us who missed that boat too. Like me!!  I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know the book Fear of Flying by Erica Jong wasn’t about planes.   HELLO!  The Feminine Mystique was another book I never knew existed.   I’ll have to pick that puppy up at some point and read it.   There was a lot of sex thrown in for good measure in the book and the glass ceiling aspect that still seems to exist.

We went down paths of affairs and how that affects everyone involved.  Would you tell someone if you knew their spouse was doing the dirty deed with someone? Would YOU want to be told?  I would want to know.  Completely.

We giggled and talked some more about things I can’t mention here (let your mind wander on that one… ahem).

We enjoyed it ladies!! See you next month!



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