March 2019 – Red Mountain by Boo Walker

cp2My My My…… is all I have to say about Boo Walker.  What a cutie.   I continue to mix up Walker with Radley – he is no Boo Radley I assure you.   :::dreamy sigh::::

Thank you so much for hosting Julie!! Love your home!  We had a fun night of giggles, book discussion and some serious notes just for kicks.

For author bio on Boo Walker click HERE 

For book club questions click HERE 

When one thinks of wine country Napa Valley comes to mind but not really Washington State! However it’s now completely on our radar for wine country!  The next time I’m in the Washington State realm I’m going to find Red Mountain.

We delved into author bio then into book club questions.   I think across the board we all thought Carmen was our least favorite character.   Margo was a favorite and Joan stood out as the most favorite.   We tossed around who we thought should play the characters when the movie comes out.   Russell Crow or Sam Elliot could have played Otis.  Meryl Streep maybe for Joan.    We enjoyed the book I would say.    I listened to the audio version and got a kick out of the voices he made when reading for the women characters.


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