Dec 2018 -First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

Photo Dec 18, 7 42 36 PMThank you Terry for hosting our end of year meeting!  Another year, 12 books under our belt and a white elephant gift swap makes for a great meeting. Terry your tree is lovely !

First Frost was our December book by Sarah Addison Allen.  For author bio click HERE  I found an interesting video of Sarah Addison Allen from Barnes and Noble click HERE    

Garden Spell is the prequel to First Frost –  remember the movie Practical Magic? A complete favorite of many – this book has that feel.   A family who has magical powers in their baking, and a community of special traits as well.  I would definitely want to live there!

We found the book club discussion questions to be interestingly intense and thought provoking.  You may want to always read the discussion questions first before beginning a book.  It helps you look for plots and twists important to the author.

Our white elephant gift exchange (also called Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa – Dirty Santa does not mean things with batteries fyi).   Usually people either bring something really wonderful which makes everyone want to steal, or it’s things you might re gift or take to a thrift store, or something silly!  We had an interesting selection this time around! Great job ladies!  Many steals abounded with ensued giggles and then the need for more wine to be poured.  Our friend Elise was sick and not able to attend, but I told the story about what she discovered at a recent estate sale we are getting ready to host – let’s say lots of batteries were needed for this item.  It would have been the talk of the night I’m certain.  It would have been a completely embarrassing white elephant gift!  Maybe next year!   *special thanks to Debbie for my Buddha ornament very special indeed ! lol


We know everyone’s schedules permit only so many things in your month.  Thanks to everyone in our group who makes the effort to attend, read the book, give to discussion and give freely of yourself and your life experiences.  THAT my dears is what book club is all about.  Part literary, part book club part social.  And wine club too. We should probably add that in there at the end.  ::::giggling::::::

Our book list for 2019 is out!!  See the list of books on the tabs for the website.   See you next year!!!  We hope all our readers have a lovely holiday!

Cheers from the ladies of the Birmingham Literary Society!!! Woot!

**Make sure you follow our book blog so that you don’t miss a book or meeting!  See you next month! 





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