Nov 2018 – Courting Disaster by Julie Edelson

Photo Nov 27, 8 08 44 PM**Make sure you follow our book club gals so that you don’t miss a book! 

Thank you Debbie for hosting our Nov meeting!  Always a treat to be at your lovely home! And to see Michael and Max the wonder weenie dog!!!

Our November book was Courting Disaster by Julie Edelson.  For author bio click HERE  

This month’s book was a recommendation by a retired anthropologist professor at UAB.     I tried my best to get through the book but could not.   It’s rare I can’t finish a book – no matter what the subject matter is or writing style.  However the language was just ‘too’ over the top for me.  For those who did finish the book and some even liked it KUDOS!!!!!  I’m jealous!!!

We went round-robin style asking questions about Thanksgiving traditions, both past and new.  Childhood memories around the Thanksgiving season and upcoming plans.

We were very delighted to find out that Connie’s son-in-law is the very accomplished author and podcaster!!!  John Green!   Here’s the info on the 60 minutes interview here  and last but not lease there’s the info on his podcast — I’m addicted to podcasts!  How exciting Connie to have such a famous author in your midst!  He’s quite accomplished on so many levels!!!

We hope our book club followers have had a lovely Thanksgiving!  Our next meeting is the year end book club and white elephant gift exchange!!!



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