Sept 2018 – Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

Photo Sep 26, 7 50 56 PMWhat a book!  The remarkable journey of Pino Lella during WWII was fascinating.  We don’t usually think of Italy and WWII of course they are linked but not many stories that I’ve seen come from the path of people as Pino Lella.   This is based on a true story that Mark Sullivan penned.

For author bio click HERE 

I was able to find interesting photos of Pino Lella and a video from Wagner College where Mr. Sullivan spoke.

Click HERE for the video 

Pino Lella is a normal Italian teenager living an idyllic life in Italy, until bombs begin falling on Milan and word of Nazi atrocities begin to circulate. While waiting to join the fight, Lello joins an underground railroad helping Jews escape over the Alps, guiding hundreds of Jews to safety in a year.

Thanks so much for hosting Leslie!  We enjoy being in your home so very much.  The incredible thing about book club – is that we each bring unique experiences and voices, opinion on any book we read.  If we were all the same how very boring it would be!

Hope to see you next month!

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