Oct 2018 – See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt

Photo Oct 25, 7 42 12 PMOctober we try to have a more macabre theme for our book selection.  I think we completely came up with that with Sarah Schmidt’s first novel See What I Have Done which tries to fill in the cracks of the Lizzie Borden murders.   We’ve all pretty much heard of Lizzie Borden I would assume.   Maybe the younger people haven’t I’m sure – be we all have.   I had NOT heard of the nursery rhyme as many of you have.   I think someone said they had skipped rope this rather dark themed rhyme.

Lizzy Borden took an axe. And gave her mother forty (40) whacks. When she saw what she had done She gave her father forty-one (41). And if she would’ve found you, she give you forty-two (42).

For a video of the Lizzie’s Borden home click HERE 

Author bio click HERE 

There’s a B&B Museum also.  Oh sure — let’s go!

NY Times article on Sarah Schmidt 

We all felt that obviously Lizzie had some type of disorder – maybe on the spectrum and clearly a sociopath.    We felt sorrow for Emma being trapped in the hell of being Lizzie’s companion and sibling.  Mr. Borden was a complete tightwad and Uncle John was a weirdo for sure.   After researching Lizzie – all her photographs she has those crazy googly eyes! Seriously! Look!

There’s an older movie with Elizabeth Montgomery about the Lizzie Borden trail.   The new one is called Lizzie with Kristen Stewart – can’t wait to see that one! There’s a Netlfix version out called the Chronicles of Lizzie Borden that I for one am about to binge-watch!

See you next month!

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Thanks Scarlette (and Teka and Jeff) for letting us crash the house for book club!!!


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