July 2018 – Heaven’s Crooked Finger by Hank Early

Photo Jul 30, 7 08 10 PMWhat a fun night!  We welcomed Hank Early and his wife to our meeting.  Thank you SO MUCH for coming!!!  Thank you Terry and Sonny for hosting!   Included in our group were some of the husbands which made the conversation even more interesting!

Heaven’s Crooked Finger brings backwoods religious snake-handling churches with a twist of murder and mayhem! We completely enjoyed the book. For our Youtube meeting you can see the discussions HERE     Turn your volume up!  

For a sample of snake handling church service click HERE   All I can think about when I see those snakes is a pair of shoes! Run Forrest Run! Click HERE for another service of serpents and worship.   I completely respect someone’s religious preference by the way.   Even if it’s ….. odd.   Except for any religion who promotes hate.  That’s another ball of wax completely.  However…I do not think it’s not a great situation for the snakes.  Let them go for goodness snake….I mean sake.

When we have an author present we talk about the book of course but many questions come as in ‘where do you write? how are you inspired? etc etc etc’.  You’ll hear all this and more in the video.  Earl Marcus the main character in Heaven’s Crooked Finger returns in the next book In the Valley of the Devil.  Can’t wait to scoop it up!

For author bio click HERE  

Remember…book club is part social, part literary and part therapy.   Dare to BARE your SOUL at book club!  Wine helps!  When a group of women gather magic happens.  Completely.

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