June 2018 – The Hideaway by Lauren K Denton

Photo Jul 17, 6 41 26 PMI’m still high from this meeting girls!!!  What a lovely evening!

A HUGE thank you to Alice for hosting and a HUGE thank you to the author Lauren K Denton for join us! What an honor!

My My My ….  we explored, giggled, discussed The Hideaway WITH the wonderful author AND multiple other subjects (because well….. it’s book club) AND we got to see a new puppy and smell puppy breath!   It just doesn’t get any better than that.  Speaking of new puppy….  you’ll see pics of Bella the truffle dog (or in this case very not dog but puppy).  Bella is a Lagotto Romagnolo (you know I completely googled that).  For more information on truffle dog breeds click HERE   There was a recent article of truffle dogs at Blackberry Farm in Walland TN I think a few of us read that.  So….. to meet one of these little teddy bear like pups was just wonderful!  There’s a breeder in Atlanta just FYI if you’re interested — Two by Two Lagotto.  

Now…. on to the good stuff —  our June book (It’s actually July because we wanted to wait for time with the author but we read her book in June) we surely are glad we did!  What a night!

You can see our meeting with our youtube links.   There’s part 1 and 2 (just because someone dialed in while recording and it stopped my filming ugh)

Part 1 (author intro)

Part 2 (the MEAT of the evening)   Might I suggest a good Pinot and a bag of white cheddar popcorn for your viewing pleasure.  It’s delightful! Turn up the volume!

Everyone who read our June book The Hideaway was smitten.   I felt as if I knew all the characters and could find Mags at the home on the marsh and Bits and Pieces in New Orleans.   Lauren created these characters out of her imagination and they are a part of my world now!   I can’t wait to read Hurricane Season and her newest book Glory Road.  Looking forward to where her imagination takes us! Thank you so much Lauren for joining our intimate gathering for discussion of The Hideaway!

Remember.  Book club is part book club, part therapy – dare to bare your soul!


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