May 2018 – Daren Wang – The Hidden Light of Northern Fires

Photo May 15, 6 15 59 PMWe were SUPER EXCITED to have author Daren Wang join us for our May meeting of the Birmingham Literary Society.  He drove 2.5 hours over from Atlanta then back again that night – thank you so much!  Merci’ Cathy Duggan for hosting in your incredibly lovely home!

Daren’s first book The Hidden Light of Northern Fires was a pleasure to read.    Highly recommend the book.  For author bio click HERE  

We had a very nice gathering of members and some of our husbands joined us as well! I taped the evening – somehow it ended up in 2 parts thus…..   I was so antsy to use my new tripod and microphone contraption for my iphone –  which I rather like it especially that I’ve used it for this meeting.  Stay tuned for more author clips in future meetings!

Part 1 – 

Part 2

An insightful evening had by all! Thank you to everyone who came to make this a celebration with Daren Wang’s first book and author talk! Woot!

A novel rooted in the remarkable, but little-known, true history of the only secessionist town north of the Mason Dixon Line.

When escaped slave Joe Bell collapses in her father’s barn, Mary Willis must ward off Confederate guerrillas and spies, Joe’s vengeful owner, and even her own brother to help the handsome fugitive cross to freedom.

Mary has always been an outcast, an outspoken abolitionist woman in a town of bounty hunters and anti-Union farmers. Helping runaways is the only thing that makes her life in Town Line bearable. As the countryside is riled by the drumbeat of civil war and the promise of an extravagant bounty for the wounded fugitive, Mary finds herself drawn to the stranger in forbidden ways. When rebels cross from nearby Canada intent on killing him, they bring the devastation of the brutal war to the town and the farm, and threaten to destroy all that Mary loves.

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