April 2018 – The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

Photo Apr 26, 6 09 55 PMWhat a lovely find reading this book! The story touched us in many different ways.  We met at Freddy’s Wine Bar – a neighborhood favorite.   A wee bit loud for book club we discovered — but still very enjoyable.  We had a great gathering of gals!

In the book, Anthony lovingly finds lost things and creates a story around the items.  Tenderly storing these treasures in case the owner somehow crosses paths with him.  You can guess this never happens.   Without giving too much away — we greatly enjoyed this lovely weaving of lives and losses.   For book club discussion questions click HERE  

If I were to ever meet the author, Ruth Hogan, I’m pretty sure we would become fast friends.  She’s completely lovable I bet.  For author bio click HERE  

A few of us met for pre-book club cocktails and then meandered through the secret path from our neighborhood (over the hill and through the woods, or bushes in this case) over to Freddy’s.  Freddy’s is on the ground floor of an apartment building – thus you’ll see a photo of a pup peeking down at us as we walked below.  Post book club we then skirted traffic to have post book club cocktails at Bottega.  Seems as if we cocktail a lot at book club doesn’t it.  Well ….we do a bit.  he he he

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