March 2018 – Lilac Girls – Martha Hall Kelly

Photo Mar 29, 6 46 19 PMA very interesting meeting indeed.  Remember……what happens in book club STAYS in book club.  However I can give little hints into our conversations ………. without giving away TOO much.

Thanks Scarlette (Teka and Jeff) for allowing us to take over your lovely home!  As you can see from the photos below Teka just zones out thinking ‘Oh lord they’re back’. Our book for March was Lilac Girls – by Martha Hall Kelly.   Debbie White actually suggested this for our reading pleasure and we are so glad you did!  Starting in pre-nazi takeover – three women leading very different lives have their paths intertwined by war and the chaos of Hitler.   We all completely enjoyed the book.   Martha Hall Kelly soared to the top of the NY Times best seller list with this first book.  She researched for 10 years then putting pen to pater and voila’ – a historical fiction.  For author bio click HERE 

Now.  For post book club discussion meeting topics included The Mona Lisa Procedure and Scrotox.  I’m going to leave that right there and let you google those terms.  Be happy you’ve learned something today — exactly :::turning red::::::  Many giggles ensued after this I assure you.   We’ve also loosely discussed a trip to China (get ready to follow us into the depths of Hong Kong – holy snap!)  And of course hormones were discussed — the pros and cons of what to do when you’re …..well….. in menopause.   Isn’t it a wonderful place to be in the company of other women – and be able to ask questions freely and openly.  Book club completely rocks.  Welcome new member and my husbands law partner – Kim!

See you next month!

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