Feb 2018 – The Suitcases by Anne Hall Whit

Photo Feb 28, 7 02 32 PMThank you Terry for hosting!

Welcome new member Alice —  happy to have you!

Our Feb read completely tugged at your heart strings for 3 little girls thrown into the foster care / orphanage system in the years of the Great Depression after their mother passes away.    This is a true story told by the middle sister Anne who also authored the out of print book.   A truly happy ending when they land lastingly and loved forever by the Nighs.   Anne finds her way after she’s sent to Crossnore School which was formed by Dr and Dr Sloop.   I have a childhood friend whose name is Julie Sloop (now Rhodenizer) and low and behold Dr Sloop is her great uncle! Small world!

Book Club questions could not be found on this selection so we made our way by asking questions as we went along.   Thankful for orphanages and foster care, although highly imperfect extend some comfort and care to children in need.   In Alabama you have Alabama Baptist Childrens Home,  and we have Alabama’s Waiting List for children who are in need of a forever home!

A special THANK YOU to Ginger who became the ‘red wine whisperer’ because I seemed to spill it all over Terry’s lovely home!  Thanks Ginger! :::::blushing!!::::::::

For author bio click HERE  

We’ll see you next month when we read Lilac Girls.

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