Jan 2018 – The Tea Girl from Hummingbird Lane – Lisa See

Photo Jan 29, 6 36 51 PMWe gathered at Leslie’s lovely home (thanks for hosting!) thinking we were having a small group when after doorbell ring and doorbell ring we were pleasantly surprised with more than a few!   We chatted and nibbled pouring more than a few glasses of vino – I had to share my new app for the wine 13 Crimes – you download their app then holding it in front of the wine label (only for their specific wines) and low and behold the creepy person on the label TALKS! Fantastic marketing!  Ok….back to book club!

Our January read was The Tea Girl from Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See.   She also wrote Snowflower and the Secret Fan which was a favorite of many.

For author bio click HERE.  

For book club questions click HERE. 

Leslie surprised us with a 20 year old tea cake from China so that we might taste what 20 year old tea is like!  Once cream was added it was pretty smooth- as 20 year old tea goes!   We delved into Lisa See’s author bio and then on to book club questions.   The shocking practice of killing infants (twins or a child with disabilities) was very hard to imagine.  Life in a remote village with limited resources and food brings drastic measures to sustain survival of the fittest.   Li-yan’s life struggles with love, giving up her baby and life in a remote village where they align their entire lives around rituals and routines (who creates  all these rituals we all wondered) are beautifully and painfully intertwined with life and tea.

For book summary click HERE  

China is on my ‘to travel to list’ – after a few glasses of wine we have made plans to visit – Here’s to traveling to tea villages,  countryside and Hong Kong ladies! Cheers!

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