Aug 2017 – Georgia by Dawn Tripp

Photo Aug 22, 6 27 14 PMThe laughter…the conversations….and the SINGING…. yes we burst into song several times.  You had to be there to understand.  Exactly.  For those who were not able to attend you missed one heck of a night!

Our book for the month of August was Georgia by Dawn Tripp.  For author bio click HERE 

I’ve read and studied much about the life and art of Georgia O’Keeffe, yet this book opened an entirely new vein of her life and of her relationship/marriage to Alfred Stieglitz.  The book is a novel based on letters between Georgia and Alfred.   A great romance between the two, both complicated and intertwined through art and love.

Many have attached a sexual nature to her art, especially flowers – you have to question if Alfred did not display his photographs of her naked, would her art be thought to be so sensual? Hm………    We discussed her choice of clothing, black mainly and long black skirts.   She was a true minimalist and chose to live a very private life.  Her home Ghost Ranch is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! For a time-lapse view of her home click HERE

We enjoyed discussing her art, their relationship, Georgia’s short term hospital stay when she could not deal with stress of his infidelity and life.

We then somehow got onto Glen Campbell and Tanya Tucker and a song ensued bursting forth as we sang Delta Dawn…..  FYI  Tanya Tucker was 14 when that was released….

Thanks for hosting Miriam!


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