June 2017 – SNOBS by Julian Fellowes

Photo Jun 27, 6 34 08 PM - CopyThanks Terry for hosting June’s meeting!  We read SNOBS by Julian Fellowes.   You may think ‘I know that name… Julian Fellowes…” Yes you do!  He is the same who created Downton Abbey and Gosford Park the movie.

Quite an interesting fellow – Jullian Fellowes.  Born in Cairo Egypt with a Canadian father and a British mother.   Julian is an actor, author and director! Quite accomplished I would say! For a full summary of his accomplishments click HERE . 

We all agreed ‘those Brits!’ and their snobbery!  We love the British and have a fascination with them.   Thanks Ginger for the movie recommendation of Queen Victoria and her stable hand called Mrs. Brown.   Judi Dench who stars in that movie also stars in a new movie of the same Queen that being Victoria called Victoria  and Abdul.   Can’t wait to see both!

I truly enjoyed Snobs and think you will too!

Until next month! xxoo

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