Jan 2017 – Blood Money – Stephen Russell

fullsizerender-4Author in the house!  We were delighted to have Dr.  Stephen Russell join us for our January meeting.  He is the author of several books with Blood Money being his first published.   A HUGE thanks to the Harbins for hosting our large group!  Any reason to be in your lovely home and I’m there!   We were happy to have a few husbands in attendance too! Thanks for joining us guys – you are welcome anytime!

For author bio click <<HERE>>   In addition to being a Top Doctor in Birmingham, Dr. Russell has a wife who is a pediatrician, a teaching professor and father to four precious children – four SMALL children……how does he do it?  (highly suspicious he just might be Superman……)

After wine and nibbles were secured we found seats and began our meeting.   Author introduction and then onto questions!

We were intrigued to find that after 70+ rejections (which is about the norm I think) for publication Blue Jay Press was smitten with his books and the Mackie McKay series became a reality for Dr. Russell.  Lucky for us!

Dr. Russell was kind to answer all our questions that we could throw at him.  Just a few….. Who was your favorite author as a kid?  Where do you write?  (We learned he gets up at 4:30 on purpose!!!!….. he writes at the kitchen table before the rest of the house wakes up)  What author inspires you?  Where did you grow up?   Do you write on vacation?   Have your children read your books?   We babbled on for about 2 hours worth of questions!  For those answers you’ll need to talk to Dr. Russell or have him attend your meeting!!  Thanks for being so gracious! We greatly appreciated you attending Birmingham Literary Society!   We’ll be reading the 2nd book Command and Control at a later date!

Great meeting ladies!  For those who could not attend we missed you.  Hopefully we’ll see you in February!



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