Dec 2016 – The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans

photo-dec-21-5-39-36-pmI’m smiling as I write this post.   We have come through a year with new friends, and a new book club – I’m excited to go through 2017 with books, conversations, giggles and who knows what else is in store for us!  :::turning cartwheels::::   Book club means you read some you like and some not as much —  it makes you appreciate the ones you enjoy so much more!

Our December book was The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans. I was hosting this time (Kimy).  I try to steer towards a holiday themed book so stick with me during the December month – sometimes they are wonderful  – sometimes extremely predictable.  This was perhaps the case here — however I still enjoyed it.  I completely got the message the author wished to convey.   :::beaming:::::

Keep in mind – this novella was originally created only for his daughters and group of friends.  About 20 copies were made.  It was passed around rather quickly when some passed it on to Simon & Schuster and viola!  It was published.  It’s actually a trilogy  – The Christmas Box – The Timepiece and The Letter.  For author bio click <<HERE>>  

We welcomed two new members (super excited to have you Christine & Laura!) as we mingled, talked, giggled then gathered our vino and nibbles finding a place to nest for discussion.  Sweet Jennifer M. had to endure ‘attack of the Scottish Terrier Pip’ as she singled you out of the entire group especially since you have a broken wrist!  She was trying to give you kisses I’m completely sure of this.  Ahem.

A sweet little read – The Christmas Box message is the first gift of Christmas is the love of a parent to a child.  Spending time with them – giving of YOU – which is the greatest gift of all really.   It was a predictable story – it was made into a movie (will watch within the next few days) however the message is still one to be reminded of – give of yourself to your children, to your family.  Which is the greatest gift of all.  For book club questions click <<HERE>>

We ended our evening with ‘White Elephant Gift Swap’ which by this point we were a few glasses into the meeting (perhaps more for some of us ::::blushing::::).  For those who may know this as ‘Dirty Santa’ (I wasn’t familiar with that term had to google it).  We draw numbers, then go down the line and pick a gift.  You can steal a gift or open a new one.  Number 1 can then steal for the last time or keep her gift (I was number one ::::bwahahahhah::::::)   The gift can be something simple, something wonderful over the top, something funny or something unfortunate.  I always give gifts that I would like to receive.   This year (photo below) I gave an uber cool magnifying glass with a post-it note which read ‘the better to see you with my dear’.  So there.

A wonderful evening ending a first year of Birmingham literary Society —  Love it!

photo-dec-21-5-35-15-pm photo-dec-21-5-35-19-pm photo-dec-21-5-37-20-pm photo-dec-21-5-41-32-pm photo-dec-21-5-58-26-pm photo-dec-21-6-04-11-pm-1 photo-dec-21-6-10-31-pm photo-dec-21-6-57-41-pm photo-dec-21-7-43-17-pm photo-dec-21-7-43-21-pm photo-dec-21-7-43-24-pm photo-dec-21-8-05-29-pm photo-dec-21-8-38-30-pm photo-dec-21-8-38-35-pm photo-dec-21-8-38-41-pm photo-dec-21-9-04-23-pm photo-dec-21-9-40-22-pm

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