Sept 2016 – All Over but the Shoutin’ – Rick Bragg

fullsizerender-25A HUGE thank you to Barbara & Robin Harbin —  and of course to Hershey (the milk chocolate Havanese)  who had the final ‘approval’ for us having book club in his lair.   An incredibly lovely home and setting.  Completely magical.

Our book for September was by the award winning Alabama author Rick Bragg – All Over but the Shoutin’.   An incredible story teller – Rick Bragg leads us through an incredible journey from his childhood.   His love for his mother shines through every chapter.   What an incredibly lovely lady who literally gave her ‘all’ heart mind body and soul for her three sons.   For an in-depth book summary click <<HERE>>    

Rick Bragg is a cherished author among this group —  as evident in our discussion.  Our book club questions can be found <<HERE>>.    I highly recommend sending out book club questions to your group prior to reading any book if you can find them.   We were oodly happy a few of the hubbies were in attendance — thanks Robin & William!  Your input into our meeting was much appreciated.  Join us any time!

We delved into our own history with family growing up poor or not.   We all agreed Rick Bragg is a story teller — not a novelist in this book.   Bits and pieces are shown to us.   The relationship with his alcoholic father who terrorized his mother was explored and if seeing him in the end was his way of forgiving him.   For bio on Rick Bragg click <<HERE>>

Rick Bragg’s friendship with Pat Conroy came into light.   Thank you Miriam for alerting us to the Alabama Booksmith’s upcoming Pat Conroy tribute where Rick Bragg will be in attendance!  If you’ve never heard of Alabama Booksmith — quite a resource and delight on many levels.

When we returned home, my husband said to me ‘Now I know why book club is so important to you — that was great!’   And all is right with the world ::::beaming:::::::  Thanks to all these wonderful women who make Birmingham Literary Society ROCK!  #bookclubrocks



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