Aug 2016 – The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin

FullSizeRender (6)Great meeting girls!!!  Thanks again Leslie for hosting! Love the art!  We had a few new members – welcome!

We sipped wine (of course!)  -gathered our nibbles then nested in the living room.  Most read the book (great job!).   I always ask who liked the book and who didn’t — for the most part we all enjoyed The Orchardist – however a few did not.   A few of us felt that Talmadge’s behavior towards the end really wasn’t consistent with ‘who’ he was in the beginning and throughout most of the story.

We dove into book club ‘questions’ .  We described the girls as ‘feral cats’.  Talmadge as ‘haunted, stoic, introverted, loner’, Caroline Midday as a loner as well.  We all loved Clee.   The quote the mother gave to her children ‘ You are of the earth, and the earth is hard’.  Quite appropriate for the life they were to lead.  A wondrous story – Amanda Coplin is quite the storyteller. Job well done!  She herself grew up playing in her grandfathers orchards.

Author bio can be found HERE.   

See you next month! #BookClubRocks Feel better Robin!  I was excited to show off my Mexican Wedding dress – he he he

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