May 2016- The Double Life of Liliane by Lily Tuck

cda5495f82c847a53c9794e0d43f1ef8Tag I’m it for book club hosting in May! We had a good group – first time for a few of the members.  Our book this month is The Double Life of Liliane.  This is Lily Tuck’s auto-biography of an unusual childhood; for the author bio click >HERE<.  An accomplished author with at least ten other titles in her stock of published books.

I for one completely enjoyed the book.  It was a ‘so-so’ read for a few in the group while others enjoyed it as much as I did I think.    For me a peek into an extraordinary young life flitting the globe with parents who themselves lived mostly very chaotic existences.  I found myself taking notes to Google the people who came across the journeys throughout her travels.   I could not find book club discussion questions on the web for this book – although it was easy enough to find so many topics in the people, places and events in this book.  So many questions about parenting (or lack of), travels, people, places and things.

We also were pleased to have a visit from ‘Teka’ the Great Dane who lives across the street.  She’s not too thrilled with our new Scottish Terrier pup ‘Pip’.  Pip on the other hand thinks Teka is the bomb – much to Teka’s chagrin – ahem.  P.S. A huge thank you to Teka’s mom  for bringing over a goodie bag for Pip. Teka let me know that it really was not from her. LOL


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