April 2016- The Folded Clock by Heidi Julavits

IMG_4124Wonderful evening ladies!  So good to see everyone who could attend.  For those not present you were completely missed.  Robin feel better!

About five of us coming from our neck of the woods meandered in ‘The Lodge’ (i.e. W’s big ol’ white Suburban )…. as we rolled through the tree lined streets our destination Mountain Brook and LynnAnn’s.   Thank you Windsors for being such gracious hosts.  Your home is lovely including the rather large bullfrog singing the song of his people in the pond out back.

Our book this month was The Folded Clock by Heidi Juliavits.  Author bio finding her to be an American author raised in Portland, Maine. She currently teaches at Columbia University – co-founder of The Believers (magazine on essays, reviews, etc) living between Maine & Manhatten.  What a wonderful existence I think.

The Folded Clock is a journal from what I’ve read which is her actual journal – or at least close to life – perhaps.   We discussed journaling in our own lives — none of us do this at the moment.  However I did extensively in younger life and on into my 20s/early 30s.   We also discussed finding other peoples journals – either family members who have passed away, or stumbling upon someones journal left behind.  In my business (estate sales) this happens every now and then.

Journals are such a personal written account.  A peek into ones heart and mind.

I’ll leave you with a few phrases that were born out of the evening conversations — that only those who were present know the actual meaning.  What goes on during book club stays in book club.  :::giggling::::

‘The crockpot hit the wall’

‘breaking and entering’ – innocently of course.  Ahem.

P.S.  I arrived home to an empty house – changed into pjs in the blink of an eye (seriously) – W had nested a few houses down with Cat’s hubby and son.  Love this life here in Birmingham.  See you next month.  Our book is The Double Life of Liliane by Lily Tuck. I’ll send the evite out soon — Woot.

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