March 2016 – The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

IMG_3714What a discussion mixed with many giggles!!  Many thanks to Lynn for hosting – Spring in Birmingham is enchanting – pollen and all.   From the owl hooting, to the roaring fire and of course Rosie the furry one – it was a lovely evening.

I am fairly certain we discovered many things we’ll never be able to forget (even if we try REALLY hard) after reading The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood.  Elvis sexbots and chicken sex. That could be a t-shirt.  Lots of sex going on in this book; and with things/animals one might not normally think of …..ahem.   A most unusual book and not my favorite by any means it did bring up some great discussion material  – right girls?  Orange is definitely the new black in this unusual chaotic chicken sex filled book – I’m completely giggling when I type this.

We pondered the creative mind of Margaret Atwood —  who grew up deep in the forests of Canada.   A very accomplished writer/poet and humanitarian —  with an overtly creative mind and wicked pen.  You’ll have to read the book —  not giving away too much here.  I hope I have the mischievously bent sort of imagination she has at the age of 76!

The wonderment of a book club – is that you’ll come across books you would not pick for your reading list – and some you may want to put down after you’ve begun — You’ll  have some you won’t care for at all  BUT it makes the ones you truly enjoy even better.  These are my thoughts on the matter.  There were many parts to this book that I simply could not put down until finished –  I wanted to know what in the world MIGHT happen next?  Or what COULD happen that didn’t already?  Well lots obviously.  I take notes when I read — to research further on my own.   I’m hopeful PETA knows about the chicken sex.  I’m sure there’s a support group somewhere for this.  For all my urban friends who own chickens. Beware my friends.  Protect your feathered friends.  Although the chicken didn’t seem to be protesting too much.   Yes – there are videos out there I’m embarrassed to report :::horrified look on my face::::::

For those who could not attend you were completely missed — for those who braved the discussions —  we came out better in the end!  Although I can’t say the same for those chickens.  cluck cluck

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